Jury members for the competition met to review the submissions of the Matrix Trays design Competition. The jury was impressed with the diversity and variety of ideas submitted to creatively reuse/upcycle the single-use matrix trays. Submissions ranged from light fixture products to buildings blocks and interior ceilings, all of which incorporated the potential and limitation of the material into a useful product. Those proposals that paid careful attention to the structural qualities of the matrix trays and made use of its fragility were found to be especially impressive.

The jury is pleased to announce that three prizes; first, second, and a tie for third, as well as one honorable mention, will be given to the following students:

First prize of $1000 goes to the team of Will McKinney and Brooks McKinney for their innovative modular aquaponics design

Second prize of $500 goes to Britteny Martinez for her unique flexible and customizable ceiling tile design

Third prize of $200 will be split between two designs:

  1. The team comprised of Aamer Arshad Kazi, Sitangshu Chatterjee, Het Pandit, Vivek Patel, and Omprakash Das for their design of an innovative optic fibre matrix containment unit
  2. Shelby Warrington for her customizable lamp shade featuring colored glass design

Honorable Mention goes to the team of Sarojeet Deb and Shantanu Vyas with their green building façade design

Congratulations to all and thank you for your participation!